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In the context of the Twelfth Day of Contemporary, Residenza le Rose Villa d'Arte joins at the event with a second edition of the "Situation of Contemporary Art" featuring an exhibition with installation, photography and video, entitled "The loss of sense of ... ”, by narrative artist Raymond La Motte.

The theme of the exhibition is the result of the present state of things, our present is martyred by intolerance and injustice, while the social space is increasingly controlled and reticular. The historical period in which we live is marked by the loss of the sense of humanity, and here art can give a critical voice to the tragedies that destroy entire generations and territories.

While being aware that art alone can not change the world, the artist can state their dissent with
free expression against any form of destruction and violence through artistic practice.

This exhibition will take the unusual length of a day, involving an artistic production of synthesis that includes videos, photography, installations, and whose languages are intertwined ... from reality to abstraction of reality. The day will be characterized by opening to the public of Residenza le Rose’s spaces, thus giving the opportunity to approach even more people to contemporary art and social issues.

Saturday 15th October 2015
Opening. 10.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m

Workshop of physical Theater ”in-side out”


Residenza le Rose Villa d’Arte

Call for entries

Workshop of physical Theater
”in-side out”

”From the mind the body, from the body the heart, from the movement the imagination:
an endless artistic process”

19-23 April 2016, Pausilypon - Naples, Italy


We opened the call for entries to actors/actress, choreographer, mimes and performers for a workshop of physical Theatre, that will take place in the month of Avril 2016, in the enchanting location of Pausilypon situated in Naples between see and sky and overlooking the park submerged of Gaiola. The work directed by Arianna D’angiò will focus on the dramatic composition of movement.
The body is a means or a material essential for the theatrical expression and is the central element for represent the landscape of the soul, and what is hidden behind the surface of language.
Based on corporeal mime of Etienne Decroux, this workshop starts from the body and only from it, in the space of the universe, in the void, in nakedness, in silence (or on the music of the spheres); we move in a theater that finds its meaning and original form of human expression more essential.
The workshop ”in-side out” is a creative process by taking inspiration in two installations of Hanneke Beaumont, from which to compose a pièce.

For more infos, please contact

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Raymond La Motte - Synthesis of languages Interview at

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Eleventh Day of Contemporary Art

For the “Eleventh Day of Contemporary Art” (10 October 2015), the great event organized every year by AMACI to bring contemporary art to the general public, Residenza le Rose Villa d’Arte opened its space with a video installation dedicated to our time.

Immob Plast/1 composes the polyhedral project IMMOBILITY, this is a Visual Installation with video, performances, in several spaces connected in the same time – that showcases the condition of the contemporary time in the urban space, the relationship that we have with the objects of daily use and with artworks; it puts into play the spatial perception, where space becomes a representation of reality and imagination. The visual sensation is to break / dissolve the state of immobility and its consequences.

ArtRaum Station
The Idea to realize ArtRaum Station, born during a trip in Lofoten island (Norway) with my life partner, Fabrizia. We spoke of the existential conditions of the semiotic transformation of space. The theme with which we developed our project was: we can live a time in diversified locations? The concept is I’m present where I am. Fabrizia Di Palma is a creative and co-author in several projects/works, before with ArtHausproject, then currently with ArtRaum Station. The studies of the movement of art and society of Fabrizia and the years that I spent in the arts have given rise a common passion for contemporary art. So our eye sees through the art spaces, natural and human environments and the work.

Art is continually moving, and we feel within this movement, where one need to communicate, experiment, meditate, create, produce a work through multiple visions, that would give a free expression to the other.

Our point of convergence during the creative phases is always distant, the throw-in of ourselves as individuals and as a couple leads us along an existential voyage. ArtRaum Station is a progressive product developing through multiple visions, extrapolated from reality and associated with the inner perceptions.

Raymond La Motte - Current Statement
My existential experience and artistic production is scored by a search across the meanders of society. Art is for me, a polyhedral and multiform form of free expression, which lead to communication between individuals, this is a basic concept for me. The sensations and inspirations that let me take are reflected in the expression, and this is realized in a photograph, in a framework, a video, in a scene, in an installation. So, My work moves through visual and performing Arts. I choose and I use different materials, tools and means. Then I apply a concept, different techniques for creating an artwork. My work can be instantaneous, like a photo click, a frame; but it can be also progressive, like a video/film shoot, such as a screenplay, un montage. Therefore, I need to interact with other forms of language, so I run visual, video -installation, -performance, -dance. In the sense that I like creating developing a narrative form, or to break the narrative to create an abstract structure. It is a research taken from different themes, which all lead back to the form of object abstraction. The body, the object and the space also transform in an abstract way. Inspired by a real event or visual situation, I develop a new content that can convey messages or other interpretations.
Multimedia Event Seemetakeover Time Square - Thursday July 24th 2014 -  Broadway and 46t. St.
EXPOSURE 2013 Exhibition 26-19 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY, 11101
KUNST 2013 International Collective Exhibition of Contemporary Art, 5 - 12 July 2013, Berlin.

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Raymond La Motte - The Narrative Artist Interview bei

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Control Procedure 1 - Solve et Coagula
Es ist ein bewegendes Projekt, das die Erfahrungen von mehreren Sprachformen und internationalen Künstlern umfasst.

Es ist eine Reflexion über die Transformation und Manipulation der menschlichen Wahrnehmung ...

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